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How Important is Customer Service from Home Builders

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Isles of Capri home under construction by Nova Homes of South Florida
A new home going up in Isles of Capri, Florida by Nova Homes of South Florida

The Importance of Customer Service from Home Builders

Building a home is not for the faint at heart. There are tons of difficult decisions to be made, and the stress can be unbearable. However, an experienced custom home builder with excellent customer service will ease your worries and turn a stressful situation into an exhilarating experience.

Customer service from your home builder can go a long way. You’re not just building a home together with your team; you’re also building a relationship. It doesn’t stop once your new home is complete, either. Excellent customer service extends well past the building process and creates lifelong relationships between customers and builders.

Great custom home builders do much more than just build—they create experiences. Here’s just a few of the ways that choosing a quality custom builder with excellent customer service skills, like Nova Homes of South Florida, can be beneficial.

Reduced Anxiety

Face it: decision making causes anxiety. When uncertainty flourishes and major decisions are abundant, stress skyrockets. Anxious homebuyers can turn angry, confrontational, combative, or just overwhelmed. That’s where customer service comes in. A professional builder knows how to combat these anxious feelings and make buyers feel calm and collected throughout the build, so they can make informed decisions.


A builder with excellent customer service skills does everything they can to build trust and keep buyers happy. It’s more than just a skill set, it’s a character trait. A trusting relationship is built by smoothly mitigating problems and delays that may occur and speaking to customers on a level playing field. A builder should put clients at ease throughout the process, and that can only be accomplished with a sense of trust.


The best thing about quality customer service from home builders is knowing they care about their customers. They treat each new home as if it was their own, so overall satisfaction is guaranteed. After the build, the customer service continues. From warranty work to handyman repairs, a quality builder will commit to the relationship and home you built together. Your builder should pride themselves on being “your builder for life,” and their professional team will work with you far beyond move in day to keep you satisfied.

Nova Homes of South Florida believes customer service throughout the entire building process. Not just from design to completion, but for years after. Building a relationship is a priority at Nova Homes. For more information contact Nick Cornwell at 239.776.5076 or email Nick at


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