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How to Create the Ultimate Backyard for Your Custom Home

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The backyard is so much more than an exterior space. It has become an important area that can be an extension of a custom home's living space. Outdoor living spaces are amazing places to relax and unwind or entertain family and friends. There are a lot of ways to create a backyard oasis. Check out these tips for creating the ultimate backyard for your custom home.

Build a Deck

Outdoor living is one of the most in-demand trends for today's custom homes. Homeowners everywhere are broadening their living spaces by extending them into the outdoors with a deck. A deck is a versatile living space that can feature anything from quiet places to relax to full-on entertainment areas. According to Keystone Custom Decks, when determining the size of your deck, you want to create a design that flows with your house and is based around what features you want your deck to have.

Install a Pool or Hot Tub

A wonderful feature for your deck is a hot tub. Time spent in a hot tub is extraordinary. Jet streams of bubbly hot water provide a transformative escape. Hot tubs are enjoyable year-round, even when it gets cold in Iowa. There are countless health benefits of soaking in a hot tub. These include muscle relaxation, pain relief, and increased circulation. According to Caldera Spas, it can even help with stress and anxiety. Imagine how well you will sleep after a nice hot soak. If you enjoy entertaining, put a hot tub in your backyard, and you'll have no shortage of guests who look forward to visiting your home.

A pool is also a great feature. Not only do pools add value to a home, but they also offer fun and enjoyment. Having one of your own is essential for creating an at-home resort feeling. They encourage family time, provide exercise, and are awesome for upping the fun-factor at get-togethers for children and adults alike.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

According to Oldways, Mediterranean families commonly cook outdoors. It has become an increasingly popular trend in the U.S. as more custom home dwellers are experiencing the joys of using outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining. Cooking outdoors is also cost-effective since it saves homeowners on utility bills. Because you are outside, there's no need for your AC to kick on due to elevated temperatures from the stove. There are a number of design considerations to suit the needs of any homeowner. Adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to expand your living space and your options for entertaining friends and family. It's also a no-fuss place to host a get-together when the weather is nice. You won't have to worry about ruining your carpet or furniture with spilled drinks or dropped food when everyone is enjoying themselves outside.

Include a Play Area for the Kids

Children need play areas, and having such spaces in their own backyard is invaluable. Place spaces are incredibly important for the childhood experience, and outdoor play boosts a child's physical health. When including a kids' play area, there are many different things you can add to make it fun as well as good for exercise. Active play will provide kids with ways to move and be physically active. Features of a play area can include equipment for sliding, swinging, climbing, or balancing. Permanent play equipment can later be reconfigured or repurposed. Great play areas also feature imaginative play options or sensory activities, such as ones that involve manipulating sand, water, and mud. Ultimately, the goal is to have a safe space with natural elements where children can play.

Add a Pergola

According to Best Vinyl, a pergola is a basic wall-less structure with four support beams and a decorative roof to provide some protection from the elements outdoors. Adding one can transform the look and function of a backyard. Although these structures are simple in appearance, they are great extensions of living space. Pergolas add definition to outdoor areas. These open structures can be outfitted with drapes, screens, or latticework for shade, privacy, and protection. They can be combined with other structures to lead into other features, such as gazebos or verandas. Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of this added space for entertainment and relaxation.

Include an Outdoor Game Area

Having a designated area for entertaining and playing fun games is essential for the ultimate backyard. Backyard gameplay is on a whole new level these days. Imagine having a giant weatherproof Connect Four game or checkers board. Features like these can be added to an outdoor living space to provide tons of enjoyment for family and friends. A space for cornhole tournaments or putt-putt is also great. The options are endless and will certainly make your backyard the place to be.

Incorporate a Koi Pond

Bring exotic serenity from the far east into your backyard. According to Reflections Water Gardens, koi ponds bring relaxation and peace to a space. Owners of koi ponds report that they feel more relaxed after getting one installed. Guests will love relaxing with cocktails or tea and gazing at the brightly colored koi. Koi fish are hardy, low-maintenance, and can remain outside all year. Their natural beauty is unmatched and they're a symbol of good fortune and luck. A koi pond is a large inground tank that is carefully constructed to provide the atmosphere most closely associated with that of koi fish in their natural habitat.

Build a Fire Pit

Fire pits light up the night, and the hypnotic effect of flames can melt away stress. They are a great extension of the home to use all year long. You can even cook on them, and sitting around a fire pit is a great way to relax and unwind. Having one creates a cozy outdoor atmosphere. A fire pit can be the perfect focal point of a backyard oasis. Many families enjoy extending their days with evenings spent around a fire pit, talking about their day, and roasting marshmallows. A custom fire pit is a superb catalyst for relaxation and great conversation.

The excitement of building a custom home doesn't have to end when the house is finished. You still have an amazing backyard to design that can exceed the dreams and needs of your family. Take some time to focus on your backyard so you can create a space that fits your style.

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