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Which Roofing Materials are Best for Florida Homes

Two types of roofing materials being used on these homes by Nova Homes of South Florida

Metal Roofing

Standing seam, 24 or 26 gauge, Galvalume steel panels offer great resistance to sea spray corrosion. Aluminum and zinc are also great corrosion-resistant options. While metal roofs don’t fit in the traditional look for seaside living, they have a lot to offer.

The reasons metal roofing works for coastal living are numerous. Color options are numerous. Textures and shapes are plentiful. Standing seam is most popular, but metal tile and shingles are suitable options.

Metal doesn’t burn, insects won’t feast on it, and an aluminum based roofing or coating (aka Galvalume) will resist the corrosion that salt can throw at a home.

Typically, metal roofing is rated to withstand winds between 110 mph and 160 mph. As we noted earlier, some manufacturers will carry a line that is specifically meant for the HVHZs in Florida. With standing seam panels, there is no crevice along the exposed roof for leaks to develop, which is always to concern for tiled roofing.

Add in the fact that metal roofs usually last 50+ years, the material is 100% recyclable and that cool roof technology significantly enhances its energy efficiency, and it’s hard not to call this the top choice for coastal roofing.

Clay, Concrete, and Slate Tiles

Clay tiles work for coastal living because they will not deteriorate from salt spray, plus clay tiles do hold up well to winds at 100+ mph. Installation benefits from proper flashing to ensure water stays above the tile. Clay tiles usually carry a 30 year warranty, and lasting up to 50 to 100 years is fairly common.

The reasons slate and clay tile may not work for you are cost and fragility. Both can easily cost $15 per sq. ft. for installation and likely top that given the extensive regulations in Florida coastlines. However, given their longevity, the cost is actually a great value. In terms of being fragile, this occurs when force with extra weight impacts the material.

For more information about roofing materials contact Nick Cornwell at Nova Homes of South Florida - 239.776.5076 or email Nick at - Custom Homes are priced from the $300s.

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