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How to Move During a Pandemic

Moving at any time can be a difficult and complex process, but in the middle of an unprecedented event such as a pandemic, attempting a move can seem extra daunting. Nevertheless, it still can be done. As long as you avoid contact with others, exercise additional caution, and keep in mind local restrictions, you can complete a successful move.

Minimize Contact with Movers

In order to prevent contraction and/or spread of illness, consider doing most of the moving yourself. If you must hire movers, minimize your contact with them. A DIY move is the safest option. Consider renting a storage container or moving truck, but disinfect the space as best you can before using it to store or move any of your belongings.

If you do decide to hire movers, a good idea is to provide a sanitizing station where they can wash their hands. Avoid physical contact with them and maintain physical distance. According to the CDC, six feet of distance is recommended. Instead of shaking hands, simply greet them verbally or exchange elbow bumps. Wear gloves and a mask, and be sure to wash your own hands.

Exercise Additional Caution

Moving involves touching lots of things, which means increasing the chances of infection. Be sure to take extra precautions during your move. Instead of reusing old boxes, buy new ones and then throw them away when you are finished. The virus could cling to recycled cardboard, and it is better to avoid the risk. While packing, wear disposable gloves and then throw them away. Pack all of your things in sealable containers.

Exercise caution when packing and moving heavy objects. Moving by yourself can put a lot of physical strain on your body, especially when combined with the stress and urgency you might be feeling during this time of uncertainty and fear. According to On The Move, proper technique when lifting heavy objects can help you avoid injury during the moving process.

As you move, be sure to disinfect and deep clean both your new and old home and your items. When you arrive at your new home, wipe down new surfaces and all your belongings as you unpack. Starting out with a space you know is free of illness will ensure both safety and peace of mind.

Be Aware of Local Restrictions

Be sure to check your city’s local guidelines when preparing to move, and follow recommended preventative measures. According to Northwestern Mutual, it is important to know your leasing rights and to be aware of any temporary rent freezes, deferred payments, or eviction pauses. Some states have instituted shelter-in-place orders. Make sure you know what you are allowed to do during this time and act in accordance with local laws.

As long as you take precautions and act carefully, there is no reason your move should be anything but a success, even during a pandemic. Avoid contact with others and be extra careful. Despite the challenges accompanying a situation such as the coronavirus outbreak, moving can still be feasible and relatively stress-free.

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