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The Best Summer Color Trends

Summer is here and while your new home may have come with a fresh coat of paint it's all about the character of your home. Check out these 2019 trends thus far for designing your colors, especially in the Marco Homes or Naples homes. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room and everywhere in between, let these shades really get you in the mood for the season ahead getting your home looking summer ready here in South Florida.

Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow may have not been in your mind, but in fact could brighten up a room. You don't want to cover the whole wall but just painting the bottom portion of it will give it a nice touch.


The pastel craze won't be over any time soon. Lavender, Light Peach, Pumpkin, it may sound like I'm listing off a grocery list, but in fact these pastel colors do make a room pop. Although you want to be careful; you want to add contrasting dark shades in various places such as artwork or on pillows for your furniture.


Celery? Really? Still not listing a grocery list. In fact, it's also a color. Want that Serene feeling when waking up? Go with Benjamin Moore's Guilford Green.


Peach can be difficult to work with. If you're going to be painting the whole room, you may want to do the window trim, if any, a few shades darker, or even go with a contrasting color for your window decor.


When working with lavender you want to watch out so it doesn't give off the vibe of a nursery, so try find the right shade with a hint of grey in it. This will give you off a nice undertone.

While a majority of these suggestions were for paint, feel free to add these colors as accents in your room.


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