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Porcelain or Ceramic Tile - Which is Better?

Porcelain Tile is included in every home built by Nova Homes of South Florida

Remember, the TCNA defines porcelain as tile that absorbs less than 0.5 percent of moisture. Why doesn’t porcelain absorb much moisture? According to the TCNA, porcelain is naturally dense, which means it’s harder to penetrate. In other words, it’s nearly waterproof. This property makes porcelain a no-brainer for bathroom installations, as well as other areas of your home that are exposed to moisture.

Kitchens can also be considered wet zones due to liquids encountered during food prep and clean up, as well as the presence of your sink and dishwasher. You may feel more comfortable with porcelain.

Mudrooms usually bear the brunt of the dirty shoes and feet that enter your home daily. Porcelain is built to withstand exposure to moisture from rain, sleet or snow. You may also prefer porcelain in your laundry room in the event your washer leaks.

As the heart of the home, kitchens experience a fair share of foot traffic too. If your cooking space is your home’s social hub and a common gathering place for your family and guests, porcelain is the best option.

Nova Homes of South Florida includes porcelain tile in every home they build, at no extra cost.

Priced from the $200s to $2 million, Nova Homes has a home to fit every budget. 239.776.5076/239307.6116 or


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