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Hot 2018 Trend - Single Story Living

Single story home by Nova Homes of South Florida under construction in Naples, Florida

Single-story living. We cater to a mid-tier and luxury clientele, and as Baby Boomers start to retire, they are looking for a place to call home where they can age in place. For the past few decades, most luxury home buyers in the Florida market were dual income families that needed large two story homes with 4-6 bedrooms for their children. Now, we are seeing more and more older buyers seeking something luxurious but more livable, and the number one request is for a one story home, or if the lot won't allow it, a first floor master. The vast majority of homes being built in 2018 will have first floor master suites, and single story homes sell almost twice as fast as their two story counterparts. There is a reason why many homes in an active adult community are single levels. And regarding resale, a single story home will sell faster than a two story home.

As people age, it becomes more difficult to climb stairs. Knee problems or aches and pains make it almost impossible for some older people to easily go up and down stairs. This is why some new home communities have begun incorporating elevators into their construction. They want to attract an aging population.People with young children are not big fans of stairs, either. It's too easy for a child to slip and fall down the stairs. Many parents install gates at the top and at the bottom of stairs to prevent their children from using the stairs at all. But that doesn't always stop curious children.Depending on the layout of the house, the staircase, the treads, risers, and landing can take up valuable space inside a home. If the stairs face the front door, it's considered bad feng shui. It can also be a lot of work to run up and down stairs all day. If you are upstairs and want a drink of water, you might need to go all the way downstairs to reach the kitchen instead of walking a short distance down a hall. Carrying laundry up and down the stairs is a hassle, too. Note where the laundry is located in a two-story home versus the bedrooms before you buy it.

Nova Homes has a beautiful collection of one story homes ready to be built on that perfect homesite.

'High Performance' custom homes are priced from the $200s to $2 million. Online at - 239.307.6116


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