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Book Lovers Decor Tips

Books add warmth, memories and life to a home, there is energy from books you read that can be almost as important as what you read.

This month, PBS and a slew of partner organizations across the country are kicking off The Great American Read, an eight-part TV series and corresponding summer long campaign to determine America’s favorite novel. The program, which premiered May 22, invites viewers to vote for their story of choice and participate in related library events, and it features authors and public figures discussing the power of books. For many, that power extends to their homes, where having a place for reading, storing and displaying books can be a driving force in design choices.

Because books vary so much in size, homeowners should plan for shelving to be flexible. There’s also always an opportunity to add some interest to a room through how the books are displayed. Many homeowners like to lay them out both vertically and horizontally if there’s room for it, and to set some up on easels.

Keep It Practical Other smart practical considerations include choosing shelving that can bear the weight of stacks of hardcovers, and providing good natural or artificial lighting, like the kind seen here, for reading.

Many builders are considering book shelves and reading areas, including den quite areas in their custom homes, providing a place to relax and enjoy a good book. For more information contact Nick Cornwell at 239.776.5076 or email Nick at - Nova Homes of South Florida.


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