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Best Flooring Types for your Home

Flooring can have a big impact on your homes overall look. Choosing the right type of flooring can be a difficult tasks as different options may have different styles you like or are more beneficial in your home depending on the room. We're going to cover the different types of flooring as well as some of the pros and cons of choosing the more fitting types of flooring for your brand new home build or if you're renovating.

First things first, you need to have an idea if you want to have the entire home in one type of floor or if you want to have specific style in each room, just keep in mind that the overall flow of the home will look slightly better having one seamless flow of style. Second, you need to take into consideration if you have a family or pets, if you need spill-proof or scratch resistant type of floor. You not only have to be content with the benefits of the tile but also the costs of it if it'll be a long term investment or something affordable for the time being, as higher costs means a better long term investment depending on material its made out of.

Nova Homes of South Florida installing ceramic tile in a Naples Custom Home Build
Nova Homes installing ceramic floor in this Naples Home Build

1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has always been a top choice for home owners as it not only provides a great aesthetic to your home but also provides a great long-term ROI. The costs of hardwood flooring range between $2,500 to over $7,000. Hardwood flooring also requires some maintenance as it is wood, it will develop scrapes, scratches, and dents over time. Hardwood is best used in shared living spaces.

2. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can be very beneficial as it provides the homeowner with a lower price, the installation is quite easy (some opt-in to do it themselves), durability, and a variety of colors and wood like textures. Laminate, as a disadvantage, can still be prone to moisture damage and difficult to repair. Homeowners prefer to install it in high-traffic areas that are not kitchens or bathrooms.

3. Vinyl or Linoleum

Vinyl flooring is not the most affordable option it used to be. Nowadays, synthetic flooring is used to mimic the more expensive options like hardwood, ceramic, or stone. It can be made to look and feel like just about anything and have a wider range of color options. This type of flooring, given its durability and flexibility, can be just applied in almost any type of room.

4. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelain is a durable, non-porous and great flooring choice. Given its waterproof texture, its best for bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. This type of tile is a bit more difficult to install and can be more costly. One advantage is that if it does chip or scratch, that individual piece can be replaced unlike hardwood or carpet.

5. Natural Stone

These types of flooring include granite, marble, travertine, or sandstone. They can be more on the steeper end cost wise and take a little more for care as they may scratch easily. These surfaces are more durable and their textures and styles are quite unique to each piece.

6. Carpet

Carpet is still thriving in some homes and some homeowners are opting in to use it. It helps bring warmth and cut down noise in a room. Carpet remains as one of the more affordable options on the list. The downside to carpet is the upkeep, some types of carpet stain easily. Newer carpet materials are more stain resistant but still require upkeep overall.

These different types of flooring materials are not the only ones. There now have been more materials that have been used for more cost effective ways or more for a unique look. Included in those are: Rubber, Parquet (wood pieces arranged in a mosaic pattern), Terrazo, Marmoleum, Bamboo, & Cork. All of the these types of flooring can flow well in any home. It's up to the homeowners taste and style!

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