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A World of Choices in a Home Design Center

Nova Homes of South Florida's Home Design Center in Naples, Florida

The goal of a builder’s showroom is to create an impressive, customer-focused place that streamlines decision-making and increases revenue. The good news is builders are increasingly aware that a design studio store needs to be more in line with current retail trends. But the bad news is that in creating a space with flash and dash, brains can get sacrificed for beauty. An effective design center is based on a thorough understanding of how home buyers make decisions. If you don’t have that, your customer will suffer—in addition to your efficiencies and bottom line.

A great design studio has both beauty and brains. It’s a visually inspiring environment that supports the selection experience. A store in a mall grabs shoppers’ attention and pulls them through as much of the store as possible. The aim is to keep visitors on-premise for as long as possible with as many distractions as possible and prevent them from leaving until a purchase has been made. Also, a retail store is usually a serve-yourself setup. It’s up to the shopper to intuit how to interact with the products.

On the other hand, a design center is its own special breed. It’s all about focus, control, and reducing distractions. Home buyers must enter the store and then walk through its entirety, accompanied by a consultant to guide them. It’s crucial that buyers aren’t overwhelmed by all the decisions they’ll need to make. Essential are a home buyer’s clear understanding of products, their ease of concentration on the choices at hand, an atmosphere that inspires creativity and investment, and moving through the decision process efficiently as possible.

Countless Decisions – From Flooring to Faucets.

We understand that one of the most difficult aspects of homebuilding is facing the countless decisions that need to be made. Everything from flooring to faucets has to be selected, and those choices can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the process.

With hundreds of options available for your review under one roof, streamlining the decision process and allowing you to visualize your finished home in a distinct and effortless way is why builders offer showrooms.

Touch, Feel, and See Your Selections in a Home Setting.

At a Home Design Center, you can see for yourself what options are offered and how your selections will look in a home setting. No longer will customers have to make major home decisions based on vague catalog photos, indistinct online pictures, or tiny color samples.

Visit Nova Homes of South Florida and explore the gorgeous options available. Homes are priced from the $200s to $2 million, and all homes may be customized to fit the lifestyles and budget of homeowners. For more information call 239.307.6116 or visit


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