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5 Ways to Make Your New Build Feel Like Home

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

You have your new dream home built by Nova Homes of South Florida and now you need to make it feel like your home. Here are 5 ways of helping you making your new home feel like a place you can call home.

Home in Golden Gate Estates in Naples custom built
One of our customers homes, beautifully decorated front entrance.


First impressions are everything, but what's the first thing you see when you pull into a home? Certainly isn't the furniture. Landscaping can make your home appear not only pleasant to the eye, but also beautify and connect with the property and its surroundings. Fresh flowerbeds, shrubs and herbs to personalize the area can make your home more inviting. Large potted plants in the front by the door and even outdoor furniture can make your home feel cozy.

Photos & Art

Displaying personal photos and art can instantly add a touch of love to any room. Family portraits displayed can bring a smile, while some artwork allows you to express yourself in your newly built dream home. You can also make a focal piece out of a vintage piece of artwork or furniture.

Customize Small Features

Sure your home is custom, but customizing small parts of your home after is built can go a long way. Switch out off-the-shelf features for custom fixtures, shutters, blinds, lighting, cabinets, or doors for a statement-making upgrade. You can also play with some finishes in your home to create a welcoming enviorment.

Blessing the Home

Some may read that in different ways.

No new home is official, unless you have a house warming party. Sharing the space with close friends is a perfect way to invite good will and positivity into your new domain.

If the Idea of a house warming party isn't up your alley, don't feel left out. If its the spiritual part of you, you can infuse positive energy into your home. This is a global tradition in bringing positive energy into your home and blessing it with the love and luck it deserves to call it home.


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