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Home Design Color Trends for 2019

Nova Homes of South Florida Showroom, Naples, Florida

There is a definite dichotomy in relation to design aesthetics and colours across 2019 trends. Some of the colour palettes are experimental, bold and daring whilst others are much more subtle, discreet, quiet and still.

The palette is a nourishing, sun-bleached collection of gentle pastels and self-assured neutrals. From warm cotton and pale gold, the palette ventures into fleshy nudes, pale apricot-tinted tan and both mellow and dusky shades of rose.

Hemp and pale bronze then ease us into early morning mist grey, desert sage and stonewashed blue. These are colours that 'sit back', are soft and quietly composed. They create a fulfilling sense of stillness and tranquillity. One of my top colour tips for 2019 is for muted shades of apricot.

Also look out for crisp shades of mint, watermelon, flourishing greens, cocoa browns, shades of terracotta and Klein blue.

Nova Homes of South Florida has a home and lifestyle for everyone - From city lots to acreage with room to roam, home prices start at the $200s and go over $2 million. Call 239.776.5076 and ask for Nick - or email

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