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The Advantages of Concrete Block Construction in Southwest Florida

A new home to built with concrete block goes up in Naples, Florida by Nova Homes of South Florida


The Difference is Undeniable

Unlike houses built with wood, concrete block homes are built to last. When it comes to one of the biggest investments of your life, consider the following advantages of building with concrete block:

Storm Resistant Especially here in Florida, having a home that can stand up to Mother Nature is critical. Concrete block construction puts eight inches of concrete block between you and the elements, withstanding winds up to 250 miles per hour and providing more security in hurricanes, tornadoes and even earthquakes. As an added bonus, this reduces your risk of storm damage, which means lower insurance premiums.

Termite Resistant Florida is possibly the most termite-infested state in the United States, with damages reaching $500 million annually. Luckily, termites can’t eat concrete block. Unlike wood and other plant-derived products, concrete block does not contain cellulose, which is a termite’s favorite food. Therefore, constructing your home entirely out of concrete block virtually eliminates the possibility of termite damage.

Mold & Mildew Resistant Keeping water out of your home is the key to protecting against mold. Concrete block homes minimize water penetration, even in the face of Florida’s torrential rains, with airtight walls. And unlike the wood studs, joints and wall sheathing found in wood-frame houses, concrete block does not provide a food source for mold.

Fire Resistant

Concrete block is a naturally non-combustible building material, so it won’t burn, soften or bend during a fire. This not only offers protection for your family, your possessions and your home, the reduced risk usually results in lower homeowner insurance rates, making concrete block the safer, smarter choice across the board.

Energy Efficient Due to concrete block’s thermal mass, a home constructed with concrete block holds heat longer in cool weather, and cool air inside for longer periods, even in the heat of a Florida summer. With airtight walls, concrete block also reduces wall leaks, which prevents energy loss and could lower your heating and cooling bills by 50 percent.

Durable Concrete block is one of the most durable materials on Earth and unquestionably the most practical building material for a home in Florida. In addition to the benefits we’ve already covered, concrete block does not rot, rust or warp, and there are no extensive maintenance requirements. That means that as long as you live there, your home will retain its curb appeal – and its value.

For more information regarding building a new concrete block home in Southwest Florida call Nova Homes of South Florida at 239.307.6116 or visit

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