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Timely Testimonials Prove Invaluable

Marco Island was hit hard by Hurricane Irma, but due to new building codes, structural damage was very limited.

Testimonials from valued customers are an important aspect of a marketing plan. The worth an honest and positive testimonial brings is more valuable than much of the paid advertising in a company's marketing plan. Testimonials made by individuals who prospects relate to are invaluable to the marketing and selling of a company's product. If the prospect finds the testimonial useful, it will go a long way in the decision making.

If you're selling a product on your website, customer testimonials can be a key content element because they are unbiased comments that prompt visitors to buy. By using testimonials in text, audio or video formats on your site, you introduce content that will promote your product in convincing fashion.You should be using testimonials to help establish credibility. Testimonials work because they aren’’t strong sales pitches, they come across in an unbiased voice and establish trust. You’re using real people to show success in your product or service.In the end, you testimonials will be there to convert more prospects into customers as long as you use them correctly.

The most important rule in sharing testimonials is to use real testimonials from real customers. It’s not worth the risk to fake anything on your site, especially testimonials. Testimonials are there to provide credibility and establish trust. If you’re faking them how are your prospects supposed the build a healthy relationship with your company? Faking testimonials can put your reputation on the line and even if you do win some business, your customers are likely to go in with unrealistic expectations.

For a builder, a testimonial can be the difference between a million dollar sale and no sale at all. A local Southwest Florida builder, Nova Homes of South Florida recently received and unsolicited testimonial on Google My Business from a homeowner, who returned to his home after Hurricane Irma. His testimonial is even stronger given that it is so timely, and since Irma is fresh on everyone's mind in the Naples/Marco Island area.

Here is the testimonial, as posted;

Rick Woodworth

"We just moved full time to our house built by Nova Homes in Marco Island right after Hurricane Irma hit. We were delighted to find that we had no damage, no water infiltration and even our pool cage was fully intact! Only minor vegetation loss and one screen blown off! We are very pleased the quality of construction of our Nova home and would without hesitation recommend them as a builder."

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