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When Shopping for a Homebuilder Be Sure to Compare Apples to Apples

The Marquesa from Nova Homes of South Florida, Priced at $288,900 (3,130 Total Sq Ft.)

When shopping for a homebuilder to build your dream it is important to "shop around" for the builder that best fits your needs. Review what each is offering and "compare apples to apples." Start with price and study what each builder provides within their base price for a comparable home design, without upgrades. Compare square footage, both living area and total area, and compare price per square foot. This will give you an indication of the value each builder offers. Compare the rooms, size of rooms, placement, and the functionality of the design according to your family's lifestyle. Is the design a contemporary layout that hits specific hot buttons, such as an open-floor plan, kitchen island, walk-in-shower, wet bar, etc. Does the builder offer the latest in appliances, countertops, and features. Also, be sure to compare the different grades of the finishes -- Not all granite countertops are created equal. There are different levels of finishes, so beware of builders who may use a lower grade and force an upgrade, raising the price of the home from the original base price.

If you are building on your own lot, compare what each builder includes in their price for lot preparation. This can be a little confusing for the average buyer, so it is suggested you learn as much as you can about the process. This is one of the issues competent and trusted builders should offer to help you and guide you through it. Dont be surprised by anything, you want a builder who communicates regularly with you and keeps you updated on your home's progress. When shopping for your builder, you will want to compare how each builder responds to your questions. This will give you an idea how they will communicate when the project gets underway.

You may ask for testimonials from previous homebuyers to review their comments, and do a little investigating online. Builders want to build you the perfect home for your family within your comfort zone. But when you consider the value offered from one builder to another, you will want to know which one is providing the better value. Whether you are building a $200,000 home or a multi-million dollar home, you should still be concerned about value.

Nova Homes of South Florida is building custom homes in Naples, Marco Island, and Golden Gate Estates, Florida. They include in their base price, features and finishes many builders charge extra for. Nova Homes believes they offer the best value of any builder in Southwest Florida. For more information please call 239.307.6116, or visit

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