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With the Right Builder Building Your New Home on Marco Island is a Breeze

The Bristol Model by Nova Homes of South Flroida


Throughout construction, a number of inspections must be performed by city inspectors to make certain the contractors are following the building code. Inspection requests are called in to an inspector’s voice mails prior to 7 AM on inspection day. An inspection request includes the following information: permit number, inspection type, job site address, return phone number and access instructions. Timed inspections are not generally available and need to be arranged directly with an inspector on a needs basis and as time permits. Inspection cards must be readily available onsite for the inspector to sign off.

To make permitting and inspections a bit easier, the city has created an online real time database of permit and inspection information dubbed the Citizen Access Portal: Search by an address, and one can find out what permits have been pulled on a property. Permit holders can log in and do more, including digital permitting and requesting inspections and results.

The city also has implemented an e-mail permitting process. Licensed contractor need only contact the Building Services Division at 239-389-5059 or send an email to: for more information.

The work is done. The inspections completed, and you are ready to move in — almost. Before that, the city must issue a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy (CO). A CO worksheet is available on the city’s web site, outlining all of the steps necessary to obtaining the CO, such as having all inspections completed and in the correct order, all documents submitted and all fees paid. From an article in Coastal Breeze News.

“It let’s the contractor know everything that they need to know or do before they receive a CO,” Loewer says.

For more information about building on Marco Island, Naples, and Golden Gate Estates call Nova Homes of South Florida at 239.307.6116 or visit

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