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Building a New Home on Marco Island Florida

A Newly Completed Waterfront Home on Marco Island by Nova Homes of South Florida


Once these preliminary steps are completed, the property owner, builder and designer can begin the work of designing the house. When the plans are ready, though, it is back to City Hall to submit the plans for approval and to complete the initial building permit application. Property owners can access a checklist of the required plan review documents from the city’s web site at This checklist covers everything from permit application to site drainage plans to construction plans to a truss review statement.

While there is one main permit for the house, there are a number of accessory permits that must be pulled during the construction of the home, including sewer, pool, screen, gas, shutters and mitered glass. Roofing, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work is covered under the main permit.

The Building Services Division issues all permits per the Florida Building Code, which can be viewed at All the forms and applications needed for the Building Services Division can be found at the Applications and Forms link on the front page of the city’s web site. Each permit application includes pertinent information about the permitting requirements for that type of permit.

There is work to be done before the permit is issued, though. There is a pre-inspection process for the construction site, in which the lot is checked for environmental issues, outfall pipes and other conditions in the area. Once the plans are approved, site pre-inspected and all of the required subcontractor paperwork is on file with the city — including license and insurance information — then the city will accept payment of the impact fees and issue the permit.

At that point, work can commence. From an article in Coastal Breeze News.

Nova Homes of South Florida is the go to builder for a new custom home on Marco Island, Florida. With two decades of experience building on the island, Nova Homes knows how to make the building process seamless and a positive experience for all homeowners, and deliver the home of their dreams. For information about Nova Homes please call

239.307.6116 or visit

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