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The first inhabitants of Marco Island, Florida were a tribe of Indians named the Calusa. Their existence on this tropical paradise dates back to 4,000 BC. What attracted this tribe to the island is the same reason people are attracted today, the gorgeous beaches, tranquil emerald waters, and the fabulous weather. They were fishermen and skilled artisans. They made brightly colored painted clay masks, carefully wove fishing nets and constructed canoes. They were also known as fierce fighters.

Marco Island to them was a magical place, which they considered sacred, as storm clouds rolling in often seemed to stop mysteriously and travel north or south. They built large mounds made of millions of shells that offered protection from hurricanes, and were used for religious and burial rites. The shell mounds located in what is today the Indian Hills area are still the highest area in Collier County.

The Calusas, who it is believed were descendants of the Mayans, were wiped out by the Spanish explorers during the mid 1700s, due to disease and weapons they brought with them. Their importance to the region is remembered today through the efforts of the Marco Island Historical Society.

Nova Homes of South Florida salutes these early settlers who made Marco Island home. Today, Nova Homes is busy building their own legacy with custom homes built to the needs and lifestyle Marco Island affords all residents. Boating, fishing, shelling, golfing, and just enjoying this pristine environment is what every homeowner on Marco enjoys. For more information about Nova Homes of South Florida call 239.307.6116, or visit

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