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The Kitchen Trends of 2020

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Trends come and go each year, But your kitchen is here to stay. The average home improvement costs around $7,560 according to HomeAdvisor. And very rarely do homeowners remodel their kitchen. The average cost for a kitchen remodel goes for about $20,000 and process could take a long time to complete. As an existing homeowner or a homeowner to be, you must choose a kitchen style that lasts.

1. Lighting

Lighting has been an increasing design element in todays homes. One of these is mix and match lighting. Mixing different styles in kitchens from pendant lighting to chandeliers; you can have both! Throughout the kitchen you want to light up different areas and when doing so, it is important to select a specific finish or shape, and keep that consistent throughout your choosing of different lighting fixtures. Utilizing an artful mix of lighting will not only give your kitchen a stylish appearance but also make it a more livable space.

2. Blues

This years winner of Pantone Color of the year 2020 was 'Classic Blue'. It is an elegant and simplistic color that "brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit" which goes to show its great for utilizing in your kitchen. Since the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and an area of the home which is utilized the most, this calming friendly hue will pair well with brass hardware or natural wood accents.

3. Brass Accents

Brass accents appearing on kitchen cabinets, hardware, or lighting fixture make a great accent in your kitchen. No matter the finish, whether its satin, polished or unlacquered, makes a stylish statement. Brass makes a bold statement and blends well with dark moody cabinetry. Brass faucet acts as a focal point in any kitchen.

4. Costume Storage Solutions

With home kitchens incorporating more useful spaces, storage has become and increasing part of a kitchens design. For the most part trying to keep clutter away but also utilizing the big spaces kitchens are built upon. Creative storage solutions continue to be popular add-ons in kitchen design, with 78% of homeowners renovating their kitchens planning to include specialty storage in their new cabinetry, according to a 2019 Houzz Study. Here at Nova Homes we make sure you get the most of out of your cabinetry and provide custom solutions to subtly make use of all of the space in your kitchen expanding in your kitchen both vertically and horizontally.

5. Updated Shaker Style

Shaker style cabinets have long been a staple in farmhouse style kitchens but the trend continues well into 2020. The simplistic design of them is what has kept them in power. The shaker cabinets have certainly aesthetically go with most design trends. Narrow or wide rail widths are also on the rise.

6. Integrated Appliances

The design of the integrated appliances is to seamless blend in with the rest of your cabinetry while providing a flush feel to a kitchen. Refrigerators and dishwashers are on the rise of blending in and not breaking up the aesthetic look of the kitchen, providing a cohesive look. Built into the wall itself or with paneling, this style certainly brings a different style to your kitchen. This trend is rising in 2020 with more and more homeowners adapting the style.


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