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Mixing Metals - Trending for 2018

Custom kitchen by Nova Homes of South Florida

Mixed metals. Pairing different metal finishes and fixtures used to be a risky prospect few buyers and homeowners embraced. However, heading into 2018, interior designers and homebuilders are seeing a rise in mixed-metal appeal, sometimes in combination with unexpected stone and metal pairings.

We are using mixed-metal finishes – from polished nickel with aged iron accents to black with gold accents –in a variety of places, including faucets, hardware, lighting and even furniture. Especially in some market's buyers really love to see modern, eclectic choices such as a hammered copper light fixture above the kitchen island paired with sleek chrome faucets and cabinet hardware. That trend is also influencing how we stage our completed homes with accent pieces such as metal counter stools, chair rivets and mirror trim.

So it's OK for builders and homeowners to mix metals? YES. Luckily builders and homeowners alike no longer have to worry about matching all the fixtures in a home. In fact, embracing this trend can give personality and depth to space allowing the character of a home to shine.

This universal trend can be incorporated into any style from contemporary to traditional depending on the main hue. Using warm gold tones as the main finish lends itself to be more traditional and can be layered with cool accents while the reverse is true for the cool hues which lean more contemporary and have warmer gold and copper tones and depth to room.

Is there a rule for how many different metals to use in one house? Yes to some extent. You certainly want to take the size of your room into consideration and try to limit yourself to four hues while deciding which you prefer to be main finishes and which can be accents to the space. As you select your metal accents, consider blending warm and cool tones. Warm-toned metals, like brass and bronze, add an eye-catching accent of color and when used in conjunction with cool toned metals like stainless steel and aluminum. This opposition is what makes mixing metals impactful within your space.

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What are you favorite metals? My favorite combination would be copper, bronze, aluminum.

Is metal showing up in new areas of the home? Yes! Stair railings are now starting to become available in a range of metal finishes complimenting the newer finish offerings in kitchen hardware, plumbing, and lighting and embracing this trend.


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