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Hardware Trends

Hardware is a feature in your house that can transform any room bringing it to life and making it appealing; it can all start with your front door. The folks over at Nostalgic Warehouse, a hardware provider, have identified the top 5 trends in hardware today.

Art Deco is a style that compliments well in contemporary homes. The styles are notable for being elegant, functional and modern. Favoring geometric shapes, Art Deco motifs often feature vertical lines, angular details, and polished finishes.

Art Deco door hardware

Bohemian / Eclectic, Known affectionately as “boho” style, this in-demand look is all about bold colors and patterns and isn’t afraid to mix them together. This style is very vintage and very opposite of modern minimalism. Very intricate designs with mixing different textures to create a rich custom design.

Bold Colors in todays palettes compliment the styles they bounce off in creating elegant designs with bold colors. More so create additional contrast with a choice of flawless finishes in pewter, chrome, brass and more.

French Country Farmhouse as Everyone loves the rustic, Old World look of French Country Farmhouse design. Its comfortable-yet-chic vibe is seen using natural materials and textures, elegant silhouettes, and warm, welcoming colors. They use a variety of mixtures of textures giving a simple yet appealing design.

Vintage Revival trend pays tribute to the past while incorporating a hint of today. The look is classic and elegant – a wonderful choice for a vintage-inspired décor. The intricacy in designs give your hardware a bold look with plates distinguishing from handles to really make the Vintage-style pop.

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