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When is the Best Time to Sell Real Estate in Florida

A New Home Under Construction by Nova Homes of South Florida, Naples, Florida

Is There A Particular Season Better Than Others?

Real estate professionals often suggest selling a Florida property in the spring or summer. School is out, relocating popular, and the weather is conducive for going house hunting. Statistics show more people are buying when it’s warm, so you have a larger pool of prospective buyers! Start with spring cleaning to prep your home, and get ready to list it in sometime between April and June!

Of course, when selling property located in warm climates like Florida, cold weather isn’t as much of a concern. In Florida, sometimes winter proves to be a better time to sell because snowbirds are in town. Prospective buyers from all over the country are around to check out your house.

Think about whether you are selling a condo or house when deciding when to sell.

It’s important to consider the type of Florida property. The best time to move sell condos quick may be different than selling a house. Single-family houses will most likely need a buyer with school-aged children and most activity will be before school year. Vacation type condos on the other hand, with golf courses or beach views, the best timing can be anytime – even the last quarter of the year (a buyer of that kind of property may be looking to settle in before it gets cold elsewhere). Investment property? Seasons have very little influence on demand, as profitability is the main concern.

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