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Must-Have Home Features for Families

Home with Kitchen Island in South Florida by Nova Homes
Recently completed home featuring a kitchen island

Many of the Homes built by Nova Homes of South Florida feature some of these significant must have features for busy families. We try and incorporate these in most of our homes to have a better flowing floorpan. These four must have features are: Functional Kitchen Islands, Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms, and conveniently placed new homes in friendly neighborhoods.

Kitchen Islands

Functionality in a new home is a must. Kitchen Islands provide the functionality and the flexibility to not only have an open space, but also to bring families together. For a big family, the kitchen Island is ideal providing space for kids to work on projects and parents can be within earshot to be able to provide help for those projects. The space is also beneficial for when cooking, being able to spread out your work. When choosing a countertop surface for your Kitchen Island make sure you choose a material that is easy to clean but will still be appealing. Materials such as quartz or laminate can provide a budget friendly durability but will still look stylish.

Mudrooms or Similar

Many new homes feature a mudroom, usually right off the entrance from the garage or close to a door, that has dedicated spaces to store shoes, bags, coats and more. A mudroom is vital to helping families keep clutter out of the rest of the home and helping them stay organized. Other storage provides space for items such as important documents, keys, cell phones and other items that can be easily lost throughout the home. A message board, whether a dry erase board, chalkboard or a cork board, can help remind family members of important dates like doctor’s appointments, sporting events and birthdays.

Laundry Rooms

Full Laundry rooms means the space you always known you've wanted and needed. Nova Homes of South Florida provides just this. A majority of our floorpans have a laundry room with a full sink and plenty of counter space and overhead cabinets for extra storage for all your laundry needs. A big family can heavily benefit from this to avoid clutter in a small confined space, but also for things to be more organized.

Location, Location, Location

When purchasing a lot or building a new home the location is very important. When building a home, choosing the right community for the kids to be close to their school but to also be around parks and other amenities that they can benefit from by staying active. Even gated communities are a good choice as some provide resort style amenities or community centers.

Whichever features you like, Nova Homes of South Florida can help you achieve that dream home you've always wanted. We service Naples & Marco Island. Contact Nick Cornwell at (239) 776-5076 or via email at


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