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2020—and Beyond

Stepping into a New Year and decade, we have seen many stylish and some judgmental trends that we may or may not condone. Some have come and gone faster than word art on your wall. The trends have set the decade and while some may have had their hiatus, they're now becoming just unfashionable. Below are some that you should be on the lookout for and hopefully incorporate in your new home or remodel!

Euro-style cabinetry

Euro style cabinetry has been around for a while, more of it is the sleek design that makes your area almost minimalistic. This style barely carries hardware and no intricate designs but just the wood grain or a solid plain color. This style doesn't just fit the modern look but work well in traditional kitchens also.

Black is Back

Black is making a come back when paired correctly with the right hardware on your cabinets or kitchen. Its going to become the new standard opposite of all white kitchens. There will be a rise in black tubs and dark colors on doors according to Anne R. Kokoskie of Styled by ARK.

Quartz in the Kitchen

The tough mineral has seen an increase in its demand due to its high durability, price and resistance to stains unlike other more porous materials. You will see an increase in these in kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry rooms.

Burl Wood

One material making a splash in the new year and decade is burl wood. This type of wood with its swirls accents furniture pieces very well and will be seen more in nightstands, side tables, and cocktail tables. It will sure make the piece stand out with its unique pattern that will accentuate your home.


Brass is definitely not outdated as it used to be in your grandparents home, instead mix brass with other metals so it doesn't seem dated. The brass that is popular is the more flat finish brass (or matte).

Double Islands

Those who love their kitchen and are always cooking would find the double island very useful! So really consider it for your future home build or renovation. A second kitchen island can be used as a wet bar during a party or separate your meal prep from serving

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