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What Will Be the Affect of Hurricane Irma on the Naples Real Estate Market?

Kitchen showing cabinets, appliances, and island in a Nova Homes of South Florida new custom home in Naples, Florida

It has been one month since Hurricane Irma, and most of Naples is back to normal. All businesses reopened weeks ago, and as you drive through this beautiful Southwest Florida beachfront town, there is little reminder that Irma paid a visit. The vast majority of damage was to vegetation, which is being cleaned up as the landscapers are making progress. There was very minor damage to buildings and structures, due in most part to the revised building codes after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. There were complaints when the new codes were installed but no one is complaining now. The new codes that went into effect worked wonderfully. Even homes on the water and on the beach did amazingly well. This is one of the reasons the real estate market should remain strong as Naples moves into season. The quality of the construction and the performance of the homes should act as a selling point for builders, developers, and realtors. Naples is expecting a solid season and some are predicting a very busy October. Inventory may get low, as some homes will need landscaping improvements prior to going on the market. its a great time to build with a builder with a solid reputation.

Considering the strength of the storm, not only Naples, but Marco Island and Isles of Capri did very well.,

much better than expected. In part that is due to the new code regulations and also to builders, like Nova Homes of South Florida, that go the extra mile above and beyond codes to make their homes safe from storms and provide peace-of-mind for their homeowners. For more information on how Nova Homes of South Florida can make your home safe from a storm like hurricane Irma call 239.307.6116 or visit

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