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How Do Neapolitans (Naples, Florida) Know When Season Has Arrived?

Many Neapolitans are attracted to Golden Gate Estates, which is a community of large, acreage homesites, to find serenity and privacy. This home is being built by Nova Homes of South Florida.

Naples, Florida does have seasons, but not the type of seasons you will find up north, with the spectacular displays of autumn leaves. Naples' seasons are represented by the influx of northerners, westerners, and other visitors who come to Naples to escape the cold harsh winters. Naples seasonal weather is regarded as the best in the US. When does the season in Naples start? The middle of October is the first sign that the visitors have come down, and how do Neapolitans know this?

There are a number of signs that reflect 'Season' has started in Naples.

Here are a few;

1. License plates colors start to change

2. The shutters on the multi-million dollar homes have opened/lifted

3. Lamborghinis, Teslas, and Aston Martins are everywhere

4. Pumpkin spice everything makes a comeback

5. Your social calendar just got booked up

6. Publix parking lots fill up

7. The temperature drops to the chilling 80s

8. You hear more Northeastern and Midwestern accents

9. Sugden Park has an event every day

10. It is taking a bit longer to travel on the roads and getting pizza delivered

To find your place in the sun, call Nova Homes of South Florida at 239.307.6116 or visit

Homes are priced from the $200s to over $2 million.

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