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Marco Island, Florida - The Ideal Location for Your New Home

New Home Under Construction on Marco Island by Nova Homes of South Florida

So, you did it! You bought a vacant lot on Marco Island, and you are ready to build your dream home. You have found paradise, but now, what? Where do you begin?

According to Lisa Loewer, customer service supervisor for Marco Island Building Services, property owners usually start by finding the right home builder and design professional. The builder, designer and property owner put their heads together to create a preliminary design for the house.

After that, they pay the city’s Building Services Division a visit. “It starts here with an inquiry,” Loewer notes.

This is an important step that cannot be overlooked as a great deal of information is relayed to owners and builders during this early stage of the home building process. Take impact fees, which are fees imposed by local governments to pay for all or a portion of the costs of providing public services to a new home.

Loewer explains that impact fees on new construction vary for a number of reasons. First, impact fees take into consideration what someone is building and what, if anything, currently is located on a property. Property owners who demolish a structure may even be eligible for impact fee credits depending on what new structure will be built. Then, there is the relative size of a home and how must square footage is proposed under air versus under roof. Finally, city staff also researches the amount of impact fees previously paid for a piece of property. In the end, the property owner ends up with a two-page estimate of what the cost of the impact fees will be for a custom-built dream home.

The next stop for property owners is the city’s Growth Management Division to research the history of a piece of land and to find out what types of deed restrictions govern its development. On Marco Island, property owners face a tangled web of deed restrictions — some managed by the city and some managed by the Marco Island Civic Association (MICA).

In 1986, the Deltona Corporation, as the original owner, subdivider and developer of Marco Island, assigned MICA all the subdivider’s rights to enforce the deed restrictions on the island. This assignment means that MICA is responsible to enforce the deed restrictions that are part of most of the property deeds on Marco Island. While not every lot within the city limits of Marco falls under MICA’s watchful eye, Loewer says that she advises every property to check with MICA before building on their lot. “People do get surprised,” she notes. - From an article in Coastal Breeze News

Nova Homes of South Florida is building new custom homes on Marco Island without the custom price. For two decades they have been building beautiful custom homes with finishes and features typically found in higher priced homes.

To receive more information regarding building on Marco Island call 239.307.6116 or visit

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