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Visualize with us: It’s a beautiful afternoon and you’re enjoying some time away from work and your other responsibilities. You decide to go for a stroll. What’s your view when you step outside your front door? Are you headed down a quiet country road toward a swimming hole on your property, or do you step onto the sidewalk along a bustling city street, toward trendy boutiques and restaurants?

Both city and country lifestyles have their perks — homes for sale in Portland, OR, and other urban areas are often close to offices, restaurants, and shopping (not to mention cultural activities and other events), while country homes can be quieter, secluded, and often set amid natural beauty (and you aren’t forced by proximity to get quite so well acquainted with your neighbors).

We’ve found homes for sale in busy U.S. metros and their counterparts in the surrounding countryside. Which would you choose?

Would You Rather: City Or Country?

  • 1. Would you choose a two-bedroom town home within walking distance to Southside hot spots in Pittsburgh, PA, or a rustic log home perched on 3 acres in Harmony, PA

  • 2. Would you rather live in a remodeled home with a pool and guesthouse in downtown Tulsa, OK, or a three-bedroom home on 2.5 acres in rural Coweta, OK?

  • 3. Would you pick downtown Portland, OR, in a four-bedroom bungalow or the heart of wine country, amid 20 wooded acres in rural Amity, OR?

  • 4. Would you choose a historic home in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL, or a 13-acre farm in Yorkville, IL, with trails, river access, and a treehouse?

  • 5. Would you choose a gated community in Naples, Florida with rules and regulations or acreage just east of the traffic and pace of Naples in Golden Gate Estates.

Golden Gate Estates is located in eastern Naples where homesites range form 1.14 acres to 20 acres.

What homeowners like best about Golden Gate Estates is the freedom and "NO" HOA fees or rules. Vehicle and boat parking is not an issue. Fences, animals, and landscaping is not controlled by an HOA. Thousands of homeowners have declared their independence in a newly built custom home, by Naples' Best Builders, including Nova Homes of South Florida. For more information about Nova Homes and how you can get started on your new custom home call 239.307.6116.

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