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Creating a brand or rebranding is a process not to be taken lightly. There are many questions which need to be answered as a company goes through the rebranding process. Do you rebrand but not stray too far from your current brand? Do you create a brand new and distinctive brand? Other than creating a new look (logo) and perhaps tagline, what else is involved? Why are you rebranding?

For example, at Nova Homes, a Southwest Florida custom homebuilder, the goal to rebrand was to raise awareness, expand the market and clarify the brand. The first step in rebranding is the logo. It sets the tone for everything that follows. Rebranding can include name change, but typically not the case, unless there is confusion or legal issues regarding the name. The logo is the first aspect of the branding most people will be introduced to. At a glance the logo must communicate and grab attention in a crowded marketplace. The logo is the company identity. It should be relevant for your business, authentic to your industry, and distinctive within the competition. Be aware of the competition, keep your logo simple and dont confuse the general public. Nova Homes had a graphically strong logo, but it proved to be confusing to prospective homeowners. The graphic was so strong it overpowered the message. The name of the company became difficult to distinguish, and prospects were not sure of the actual name of the company. First and foremost, the name must be easily read and the message clear. Graphically a logo needs the proper balance in size regarding text, icon, and name. Simple is better. It should look contemporary, not designed to be outdated soon. It needs to last. Using appropriate fonts and an icon is important. Color selection can inspire trust, authority, etc. Think how the end user (your coustomers) will react to the color, and the juxtaposition of elements. the logo should be versatile, and work across all platforms. Once you have your logo, your message, and content will develop. The logo, color selection, tagline, and message should be consistent throughout your entire rebranding process. A brand is the promise you make to your customers.

Nova Homes of South Florida has been building custom homes in Naples and Marco Island, Florida

Nova Homes of South Florida has been building custom homes in Naples and Marco Island, Floridasince 2004. Founder Frank Arcia has built hundreds of homes in Southwest Florida for the past 20 years. All homes are "Personalized" to fit the lifestyles of each homeowner. For more information call 239.307.6116


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