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Nova Homes of South Florida is dedicated to building a quality, energy- efficient, healthy home for today's families. Nova Homes understands that homeowners are concerned about safety, air quality, and cost savings. The use of smart, green design ideas, and an efficiently constructed home, provides energy savings in every Nova home. Nova Homes is an environmentally friendly company providing exceptional custom homes with lower energy costs and increased home value, since 2004.


The goal of today's homebuilders, like Nova Homes of South Florida is to meet the healthy home principles and the eight elements of a healthy home. The eight elements as described by the Green and Healthy Home Initiative include Dry, Clean, Safe, Well-Ventilated, Pest-Free, Contaminant-Free, Well-Maintained, and Energy Efficient. Naples' sub-tropical climate can create environmental issues if a home was not built to home health specifications. Every home Nova Homes builds either meets or succeeds all health and safety specifications, making their custom homes very desirable for today's health conscious families. A healthy home is  a 'High Performance' home.

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Why Healthy Homes are Important

Far too many American homes don't meet basic healthy homes principles - dry, clean, ventilated, free from pests and contaminants, well-maintained and safe. This costs our country billions of dollars annually in housing-related healthcare costs for asthma, lead-based paint poisoning and injury, as well as lost productivity in the labor force.


Besides the physical health toll an at-risk home can have on its inhabitants (thousands of unnecessary emergency visits annually due to housing related accidents and illness), the monetary costs of unhealthy homes are enormous.

In addition to the significant negative health outcomes due to excess heat and cold, improving energy-efficiency provides financial relief to families better allowing them to meet basic needs such rent or mortgage payments and on-going standard property maintenance.


The housing problems outlined above, however, are not insurmountable. Weather sealing improvements may help keep inhabitants' energy costs down, but if the quality of the air that is sealed inside is poor, or if the inhabitants are exposed to lead hazards during the weatherization process, health will suffer.


There are many low-cost green interventions that can be performed to enhance comfort and reduce utility costs for residents. 


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