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More Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2018

Nova Homes of South Florida Kitchen Installation

Smarter Assistants Among homeowners incorporating new electronics in the kitchen during renovations (14%), there has been a three-year decline in the demand for TVs in the kitchen (64% versus 79% in the 2016 study). Home assistants are becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by nearly a quarter being added to kitchens during electronic upgrades (22%). Wireless and voice-controlled kitchen appliances are also on the rise (five, seven and 11% in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 studies, respectively, among the 90% of homeowners who are updating kitchen appliances).

White is Still Hot The ever popular kitchen hue continues to gain popularity year-over-year in updated kitchens, with white backsplashes, countertops and wall finishes gaining six percentage points each in 2018 versus the 2017 study). Rural kitchens reflect more variety in their color palette.

Transitioning Styles More renovating homeowners (87%) are opting for a completely different kitchen style compared the previous two years. Iconic modern and traditional styles are giving way to transitional, contemporary), and farmhouse styles. Half of kitchen remodelers are also updating their kitchen layout (50%) and are favoring L-shaped layouts versus a traditional U-shape.

San Fransiscans spend the most on remodels: Among the top 20 U.S. metro areas, homeowners in San Francisco spend the most on kitchen remodels, averaging $70,000 for a major remodel of a large kitchen (200 square feet or more), compared with $42,000 nationally. Overall, costs vary significantly by scope of remodel, size of kitchen, and region. Coastal cities spend the most on average.

If your are looking to remodel your kitchen or baths, or if you need an addition, contact Nova Homes of South Florida. Since 2004, Nova Homes of South Florida has been building and remodeling custom homes in Naples and Marco Island, Florida. Online at 239.307.6116, or visit


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